Window Replacement Services

Our Window Replacement Services

Do you have to replace windows? We offer window replacement services through our team of installers who have 20+ year’s experience installing windows. There is no substitute for actual window installation experience when it comes to installing windows. Every job is unique from the window your replacing, to the frame, it is going into, to the window that is going in. Every aspect of a window replacement job has unique requirements and if not handled properly your windows can leak water, and cause energy loss, defeating the whole purpose for new windows. Remember, no matter how good the brand or line of windows you buy, the windows will only be as good as the installation.

We provide window replacement services custom-tailored to the requirements of your project. Our actual window installation experience allows us to understand your needs and provides you personalized advice and custom installation based on, the type of home, the age of home, type of windows, and the building codes your home is governed by. We understand that each house is different; the different lines of windows are designed to meet your tastes and needs but if not coupled with the proper installation, they can cause problems and costs that far exceed the benefits.

As part of the services we offer, we help you choose the right line and style of window for your application. From there we will explain the many options that relate to energy efficiency, sound dampening, ascetics, maintenance, performance, and longevity. Energy-saving window options can generate substantial savings in heating and cooling costs, in the long run potentially offsetting most of your investment in new windows.

We are committed to delivering a great project that includes nothing less than 100% satisfaction with our services. We pride ourselves on offering the best replacement windows services in Illinois, and we do it at a cost and value that cannot be matched. 

Why choose us?

Our experience and quality of execution have led to many homeowners placing their trust in us by letting us help with their window replacement project. Every step of the way, we are executing with consideration for the needs and budget of our customers. We promote and implement cutting-edge product and using our highly trained and experienced installation team. Altogether this adds up to a perfectly executed project!

We assume a commitment to quality and service to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Through our knowledge of working with the window and patio door manufactures, we understand the details windows very well, whether you are looking for multiple layers of Low-E, double pane, triple pane, argon gas, krypton gas, cavity foam, or a specific factor, our team can help you navigate and understand all of these options and their respective costs so that your project will achieve your goals while staying within your budget. So…. if you are looking for old window replacement services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Customer Commitment
  • Trustworthy
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Responsiveness

Our Process Checklist

You can expect nothing less than honest business and service.  At Builder Stock Windows we pride ourselves on customer service and customer satisfaction!



  • We will not talk about and pressure you into “promotions” that are “about to expire”. Our prices don’t change so yours shouldn’t either. We will always provide great pricing that will compete any promotion from any other reputable window company.
  • We will spend as much time as you like during our initial visit to go over everything you want to know and need to know; however, we will not force you into a 3 hour meeting to go through a sales script.
  • We partner with a proven leading manufacturer of windows and are proud to have you explore their website and escort you to one of their 4 Chicagoland showrooms so you can appreciate the quality and value of their products and 65 years in the industry.


  • Understand your needs & interest in windows.
  • Provide and review brochures / samples and explain options relevant to your interest.
  • Take rough measurements of all windows & doors to be replaced.
  • Provide an estimate for your project.


  • Will review, explain, and comply with all contractor legal obligations when conducting business with you.
  • Will provide an easy to understand detailed sales contract.
  • Will provide details of your Product Warranty, Window Breakage Warranty, and Service Warranty with instructions on how to make a Warranty claim.
  • Will collect 50% of project cost via either check, credit card, cash.
  • Will coordinate detailed measuring of all windows to assure your custom replacement windows are a perfect fit.
  • Will explain detailed next steps and preparation for installation day.


  • One of our installation teams will review with you the work to be done and will confirm that necessary site preparation is complete.
  • We will complete the installation of all windows to your 100% satisfaction.
  • We will clean up everything inside and outside your house and will take away all old windows.
  • Upon completion and your satisfaction, we will ask you to sign an Installation sign-off document.
  • Will collect the remaining 50% of project cost via either check, credit card, cash.
  • We will confirm that you have a Builder Stock Folder with all relevant paperwork and Warranty information and will leave you with a request to complete a short customer survey.