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The manufacturer that we partner with are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. They are committed to innovative design, advanced technology, superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. This aligns perfectly with Builder Stock Windows so we can deliver a great product through our great service.

For a variety of looks from traditional to contemporary, Builder Stock Windows has you covered. Choose from a complete product line that offers Single-Hung, Double-Hung, Sliding, Casement, Awning, Swing & Clean, Bay, Bow, Garden, Picture and Specialty Shape Windows as well as Sliding Patio Doors. You’ll find that the combination of many styles and configurations will work well to enhance your home’s appearance.

In addition to a variety of window configurations and colors, you have an extensive choice of grid patterns and glass styles to create the perfect finish to your window design project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few benefits of replacing your windows!

  • Energy savings: During cold winters, properly-insulated windows can keep your home at a comfortable temperature and reduce your heating expenditure.
  • Aesthetics: Beautiful, new windows can add to the appearance of your home on the inside and outside. Getting the look you want is important, which is why we offer a variety of styles and materials.
  • Easy to maintain: The specific products we use allow your windows to be easy to clean and take care of. Vinyl windows are durable and maintenance-free.
  • Home value: By replacing old windows in your home, you can increase its value when it comes time to sell it. Replacement windows make a huge difference in appearance and stability.

Why should I replace my windows

Windows 101 Show Descriptions

There are many different types of windows that make up the construction of your home. Your windows also help define the style of your home, whether it is traditional or modern. Use the below pictures and definitions to familiarize yourself with the various window style options that are available.


  • Double Hung Windows

  • Simonton Single Hung Window

    Single Hung Windows

  • Simonton-Slider-Window

    Slider Windows

  • Simonton-Casement-Window

    Casement Windows

  • Simonton Awning Window

    Awning Windows

  • Simonton Bay Window

    Bay or Bow Windows

  • Picture Windows

  • Half Round Vinyl Replacement Window

    Geometric Windows

  • Simonton Garden Window Product Shot

    Garden Windows

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors, the most popular style of patio door, allow for a generous amount of natural light and double as a space saver. Easy to clean and operate, sliding patio doors are a great addition to a wide variety of home styles. Select sliding patio doors are available in custom sizes to suit your needs. You get top quality when you purchase your sliding glass doors from Builder Stock Windows. We have identified two lines from Alside that we believe surpass all other companies and model in quality and value. Review the details below and have a Builder Stock Windows Professional come out to help you with your decision!

High quality and reliable services for home doors

We are committed to providing homeowners with a variety of options for doors from the best door manufacturers in the industry. When we couple that with our custom Door Replacement Service, not only do get a top-quality door, but our installation team will provide a perfect installation for the door. Our services will allow your home to have an impeccable, beautiful and fully functioning entrance.
Your home has it’s own style and every component works in harmony to create that style. Choosing a door and door glass that fits your needs, as well as your style, is important. We make it easy for you to make the choice that’s right for you. When you combine your preferred door style, door glass, paint or stain finish, plus hardware and accessories, the result is a customized entryway that reflects your personalized style.
Our cutting-edge fibreglass exterior doors push the envelope in energy efficiency, with the most energy-efficient door options available in the industry. Our fibreglass entry doors deliver the most accurate representation of woodgrain, with door styles in Cherry, Mahogany, Fir and Oak, and several stain colours to choose from.

So Many Options!

Decades of innovation has resulted in a collection of windows that are designed and engineered to provide beauty, performance, ease of operation and increased energy efficiency. Builder Stock Windows helps their customers understand the latest standards for windows and the details behind the options.

Whether you are remodeling, renovating or building a new home, your new windows will deliver unmatched beauty, strength and energy savings. Your new windows are custom-made to fit your current window openings precisely.

Best of all, your new windows will gracefully enhance the architectural style of your home, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, there’s a model to fit your specific style, performance and budget needs.

With over 65 years of innovation and production, Alside has been known for their exceptional collection of window products. Alside windows are designed and engineered to provide beauty, performance, ease of operation and increased energy efficiency. Builder Stock Windows is proud to partner with Alside to offer our customers a great quality replacement window.

Interior & Exterior Colors

From visually exciting colors to warm spices of wood, you can achieve the appealing beauty of custom-crafted windows without the
time-consuming maintenance. With colors ranging from subtle palettes to bold contrasts, your
choice can give your home your personal touch.

Beautiful, practical and strong finishes are precision-engineered to stand the test of time.

See Window Interior & Exterior Colors

ENERGY STAR certified windows meet all the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. There are different certification requirements for different climate zones.

Find out which zone you’re in.

Grid Styles

If you wish to add grids to your windows or patio doors, you can choose from a variety of styles. Grids add a traditional and personal touch to windows and doors and call upon the architectural heritage of early American buildings.

While capturing your attention with distinctive style, each color also delivers superior performance. Our interior wood grain laminate finishes are expertly crafted for outstanding durability that maintains its attractive appearance over the life of the product. Ultra-premium exterior colors are achieved with a cutting-edge polyurethane coating technology incorporating heat-reflective pigments to ensure a remarkably strong, fade-resistant and highly weatherable finish that’s easy to clean. Together, this versatile collection will elevate your windows and patio doors to a higher level of distinction.


The colonial grid is a classic grid pattern, perfect for nearly any style of home. Historically found in early American style buildings, the colonial grid pattern is typically the most recognizable grid pattern and can be styled in a multitude of ways. Choices include as little as 4 lights and can go up to as many as 12 lights, depending on the size and style of the window. In hung windows, you can also choose to put colonial grids in only the top or bottom sash, depending on the desired look.


If you’re looking for a grid pattern that offers the romance of the Old World, then perhaps diamond grids are right for you. Popular in European homes, diamond grids — so named because the grids are designed in a diagonal, or diamond shape — have historically been used in accent windows. However, they bring a Continental charm to any window or sliding glass door. If you own a Victorian or Tudor house, or if it’s based on some type of traditional European design, then a diamond grid would be perfect for your home.


The perimeter grid, sometimes called a “Prairie” grid as it gained popularity during the “Prairie School” form used by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, is a great option if you want to be noticed for your style. This grid pattern adds visual interest to a new home and will also fit in beautifully if you are restoring an older home. This pattern can also help to add a more hand-crafted touch to a newly built home. If you enjoy the look of grids but would like to take advantage of a great view, this is the perfect pattern for your home.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Coverage

Your investment in our windows is backed by Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranties. These industry-leading warranties serve as our written pledge of lifelong quality and performance.

This peace-of-mind warranty coverage is added assurance that you have not only invested in windows from a leading innovator, but with proper care, your purchase is guaranteed to perform for a lifetime.

Want to learn more? Visit the links below for sample warranty coverage by product. For specific warranty questions please contact our window manufacturer’s Warranty Department directly at 800-489-1144.



Financing options for your new windows.

We’re dedicated to making window replacement as convenient as possible. Not only can we help you select and install the best windows, we can also help you with a payment plan that works best for you.

Builder Stock Windows understands that installing new windows in your home can be costly. We also understand that the need for new windows sometimes can’t wait without the risk of causing more problems and/or costs. We offer numerous financing options to people with good credit to not so good credit and your first payment won’t be due until your new window installation is completed. Click on the button below to get started with your online loan application. Our online loan application uses the most up-to-date online security features to protect your information. You’ll receive a decision regarding your application within minutes.

Multiple payment plans to choose from to help you spread out your payments!
Including 18 Month 0% Interest!